101 I How to Turn Your "Weakness" Into Your Superpower with David Rendall



Today on Mastering Midlife:


●      How your unique and "weird" traits can help you become successful.

●      Tapping into your strengths further than you used to.

●      What it means to define your strengths for a good career.

●      Why a detrimental condition can be a means to reach your goals.

●      Why we shouldn't have to be good at the same things as other people.

●      The structural and flexible traits in everyone.

How you can build a business around being too sensitive, compassionate, and caring

David joins me today to discuss the idea of turning your weakness into your superpower. He explains the importance of recognizing what makes you unique and why some of your weaknesses are also strengths. He describes how your life can change once you gravitate towards your strengths instead of trying to fix things that aren’t broken. David also shares his advice for those who may be questioning their talents and personal traits.


“My success isn't from fixing the weakness; it's from realizing there's a corresponding strength and maximizing that upside that most people don't see.” - David Rendall


David Rendall is a keynote speaker known for providing unconventional or unorthodox strategies to help entrepreneurs and executives boost employee engagement, teamwork, and overall productivity. He is the author of the book The Freak Factor, where he talks about unleashing your uniqueness by flaunting your weaknesses. David’s charisma is due to his experience in stand-up comedy as well as being a leadership professor before his current career as a speaker.



David Rendall’s Words of Wisdom: 

●      So many people are in jobs they hate because they try to fix themselves instead of moving towards their strengths.

●      You can lose a part of yourself when you take a drug to fix something else.



Resources Mentioned:

●      Freak Factor Individual Assessment

●      Freak Factor 20 Questions

●      Pink Goldfish by Stan Phelps

●      How To Make A Career Change That Actually Works with Career Coach Michael Alan Tate



Connect with David Rendall:

●      David Rendall official website

●      Book: The Freak Factor




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