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I’m Mark J. Silverman. Executive Coach, best selling Author and Podcaster.

You are not alone.

My clients are all “High Achievers” who have every intention of creating more. They just want to do it differently, without the personal toll.

If all this sounds familier, I can help. There is another way.

Read on, check out the podcast or better yet, set up an introductory session with me, and let’s see how you can achieve more, without sacrificing everything else.

New for 2019 - ‘Mastering Midlife’ Podcast

Mastering Midlife podcast is for you if you’re in your 40s and 50s and asking yourself "what happened?"
It’s a podcast perfect for you if you are driven to succeed, but concerned about burnout in your work, career, and relationships.

The ‘Mastering Midlife’ podcast teaches you how to thrive when the world asks the most of you.
This podcast will give you tried and tested, better alternatives.

Top-selling author and executive coach Mark J. Silverman shares his direct and meaningful conversations with world-leading experts in business, finance, health, and wellbeing. You don’t have to stop everything and change.

You CAN excel in your career and improve and strengthen your life, to achieve sustainable and true success.

Without compromise.


You can listen and subscribe to ‘Mastering Midlife’ wherever you get your podcasts

Ways to Work Together

The problem isn’t the right organizational system, the next workshop, or working faster… It’s about finally getting honest.
— Mark J. Silverman

Every day, in exchange for “life in the 1%,” I was expected to over achieve impossible goals by urgent deadlines, which could not be missed.

Most days I found the pace and competition exhilarating. Nothing was as satisfying as achieving the unachievable…and getting paid for it.

Until, of course, the new unattainable revenue target was assigned and actual sales were set back to zero.

Year after year, the allure of the lifestyle, the fear of failure, and the drive of competition were enough to start the challenge all over again.

Like many of my contemporaries, marriage, children, promotions and more responsibilities were added to the mix. The goals and expectations were still being raised as my time, attention and energies were pulled in ever increasing directions.

As the motivations and drives of youth shift into the demands of these new realities, new sets of skills are needed. Our old ways of being and coping are no longer viable. Courageous and deliberate choices need to be made.

What got you here is not what will get you where you want to go
— Rich Litvin

This is where a mentor, a group or a coach can make all the difference. I dedicate every day to figuring out ways to help men and women thrive when the world asks the most of them.

  • Have you achieved a level of success but are feeling the cost of that success?

  • Has the motivation and drive to achieve changed; yet the demands have not?

  • Are you inspired to create more, achieve more but are unsure of how to balance it all?

  • Are one or two areas of your career and life thriving, but other important areas being neglected?


Take Action

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It’s time to turn Potential into Reality.