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Get Value For Your Team by developing internal leadership skills for sustainable and exponential success!


Putting in more "hours" is NOT the answer to your growth goals. Your path to exponential success means infusing your hours with more quality.

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Get keynote speeches and workshops to help you and your teams…

✔ Work smarter 
✔ Focus on internal leadership
✔ Choose your most impactful projects
✔ Eliminate distractions
✔ Create effective energized and happy teams 

Your result

Your team will leave with a solid foundation.
I’ll give you the tools you need for success and the understanding of how to move forward. Results will last well beyond the close of the keynote or workshop.

Choose and customize your topic to fit your goal

• 20 minute keynote speeches
• 2hr in-person workshops or webinars
• Half/full day seminars.

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High Impact Leadership

✔ Start with self-mastery and discover the key to having the desired effect on projects, teams, and organization

✔ Get the tools to become a resilient, adaptable, and a strong performer for the long game

✔ Discover how to delegate for effectiveness, gain accountability through strong agreements, and how to be your best in every situation

Only 10s for High Impact Productivity

✔ Increase productivity, remove distractions

✔ Create "to do's" to keep your mission in focus

✔ Discover how to accomplish more, and have a greater impact

High Impact Teams

✔ Create effective teams with superior communication skills

✔ Gain the skills to navigate the difficult conversations needed to foster a clear, cohesive, and motivated team

Mastering Midlife - How to thrive when the world asks the most of you

✔ Remove the "Hustle and Grind Culture," that is killing your productivity

✔ Get strategies and tactics to create profit without stealing your quality of life

✔ Get tailored guidance, insight and tools, to help you achieve sustainable exponential success