Who is Mark J. Silverman?

Mark w_dog 1.png

I believe that every human being has the ability to be successful, happy and fulfilled.

That becoming more of who you are (instead of what you think you need to be) will get you further in business, in your relationship and in life. It may or may not involve a change in career, but it definitely requires and deserves exploration.

Personally I am:

✔ A father

✔ In a loving committed relationship

✔ Dedicated to making an impact on the world


Professionally I am:

✔ A hi-tech sales executive turned executive coach

✔ A speaker

✔ A best-selling author

✔ A podcaster

Professionally I have:

✔ Sold over 90 million dollars worth of product

✔ Worked at the industries fastest growing startups

✔ Led teams through multi mil complex sales

✔ Sold over 50k books


Right now I'm focussed on:

✔ Teaching my clients to enjoy sustainable fulfilling success

✔ Podcasting

✔ Loosing 10lbs

✔ Writing my next book