100 | Celebrating Episode 100 - Mark Answers Listener Questions


Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Question 1: Dealing with procrastination, dealing with resistance and fear.

●      Question 2: What fears are your clients bringing to you?

●      Question 3: How do you get such compelling guests?

●      Question 4:  How do you create intimacy in your relationships with the stresses of work?

●      Question 5: Best advice for dealing with pressure of closing very large complex deals?

●      Question 6: What books are you recommending regularly to your clients?

100 Episodes!  You, the listeners and guests, rock.  What a privilege to be able to share so much valuable wisdom in such a short period of time with so many people.  Today, I answer YOUR questions. 

Keep them coming and we can make this a regular thing.


“It’s ok to experience the pressure and the stress of the game… as long as you remember it is a game.” – Mark J. Silverman


Be Part of the Show – Ask Mark Anything 

Do you have a question for Mark or one of his guests?  A suggestion? Your own tip for thriving in this time of career and life?  Please, share with us.  Go to my podcast page www.markjsilverman.com/podcast and press the BIG ORANGE BUTTON.  Episode 100 is coming up and we are going to dedicate that show to our listeners.  Who knows, it may become a regular thing.  Go now… I want to hear from you.


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