Stress and Resilience

How many times have you said, “I love my career, I enjoy competition, but I can’t stand the stress?”

I’ll help you

  • Discover the difference between “Intensity” and “Anxiety.”

  • Leave It All On The Field,” in your business”

  • Realize you’ve already won, it’s time to experience it.

  • Tame the imaginary saber tooth tiger

  • Deepen your relationships

  • Find the source of creativity giving you your competitive edge.


“One who rules his spirit has won a greater victory than the taking of a city”


Most of us live in some level of “fight or flight.”

You may experience as low level anxiety when you have a proposal due and you are at your kids ball game, or full on panic when you lose a sale.

Everything feels urgent, texts need to be answered, your boss is in her own hell and passing it on to you. The only way to relax is to anesthetize. There is a reason craft beer, wine cellars, and binge watching are all the rage.

What if you could still play at that exhilarating intensity and leave the anxiety behind? What if you could be loose and relaxed in a meeting and walk out to high fives? What if “winning” didn't have to feel like prison?


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