Awesome family vacation photos for social media? ✔

Have a blast at happy hour? ✔

Got the car? ✔

Life still not sitting right? 🤔

Once can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery over ones self

- Leonardo da Vinci

Success’ can be lonely.

Many of my clients have the title, the Tesla and the house, but their marriage is in trouble. They tell me what happened in Vegas, needs to stay in Vegas, yet they carry the weight with them. They know their kids miss them… and feel helpless to fix it. To cap it all off, they don’t have any close friends.

Isn’t that the cost and sacrifice of success? No

Success isn’t success if your relationships bank is empty.


Only you can create the deep relationships to make your marriage intimate, friendships indispensable, and be the parent you want to be.


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