Leadership Resiliency Online Course

• Have you reached a level of success only to find the hustle and grind unsustainable?

• Do you find it difficult to find space to focus on the proactive activities you know are important?

• Are you running on fumes, spinning your wheels and wondering where the day went?


You are not doing it “wrong.” Welcome to the “New American Dream.”

The problem is not working hard or long enough, it’s that we have not learned the tools we need to thrive in today’s competitive fast paced world.

I ‘succeeded’ in sales in the High Tech Industry where the badge of honor was who could write a proposal at their kid’s baseball game and… who’s spouse was more angry at the toll all the “success” is taking on the family.


This course is built (from experience) just for you.

As you move through the course, at your own pace, you will learn invaluable skills that will change….well… everything.

You will:

  • Learn how to get back on the beam when knocked off

  • Gain the skills to have the difficult conversations needed to enroll your people (team, leadership, family) into supporting your agenda.

  • Move from being the victim of circumstance to the creator of your experience

  • Let go of the habits and activities that drain your productivity (and energy)

  • Access your creativity (think Stephen King writing) to find new solutions to every challenge.

  • Jettison the hustle and grind and find the fun and passion in the game again.

What you get

🎥 Videos

Each module is short and effective! Using the same exercises and insights that I bring to my one -one Executive Coaching Clients and Onsite Workshops.

1: Fearless Self Evaluation

2: Cultivating Self Knowledge

3: Finding Your Best Self (Shifting Your “State”)

Working With “Thoughts”

5: Freedom From Resentment

6: Six Questions To Foster Ultimate Resilience

7: Energy Mastery

8: Mastering The “Difficult Conversation”

9: Creating Strong Agreements

10: Developing Your Inner Compass

11: Bring It All Home

BONUS 1: Resilience Rocket Fuel

BONUS 2: A New Way to look at the Burden of Responsibility

📋 Worksheets

Many of the videos are accompanied by worksheets to help you learn in practical and repeatable ways.

👊 Actions

Each module will ask you to take actions that will impact your life/relationship/business immediately.


No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days

Money Back.png

I’m so confident you’ll see results when you work through this course, I’ll give you all your money back if you don’t see results in 30 days. Just get in touch and send me your completed worksheets.

Why you should

I created this course because I see the (not so) hidden costs of success in today’s culture.

As I saw the results in my Executive Coaching Clients, and in the Workshop Participants, I wanted to find a way to bring those results to a larger audience at a lower investment.

Please don’t let the minimal investment fool you.

If you take each module, do the exercises earnestly, I promise you shifts that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to get started?

Investment: $97

Early-Bird $47

Leadership and Resiliency | Online Course
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