047 | Bonus Episode: What do Dione Warwick, Brene’ Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Mark Maron Have in Common?


Today on Mastering Midlife: 

●      Brene’ Brown’s brilliance can shut me down or inspire me to dig deep.

●      How Mark Maron’s expertise and success could stop me before I start or act as a teacher to learn my own craft.

●      Dionne Warwick or Aretha Franklin… there is no comparison.


What happened when a fellow speaker read Brene’ Brown’s article on “Midlife” to me (while in a car),  just before I went on stage to talk about….Midlife?  Comparison, inadequacy, and the urge to quit.

Someone will always sing it better, say it better, do it better.  That doesn’t mean we shut down.  The only competition is between our ears.  Put the blinders on and go create.


“It’s our job to speak, write, create, and then let the world decide what it wants to do with it.” – Mark Silverman

Resources Mentioned:

●     Brene’ Brown on Midlife

●     Brene’ Brown and Mark Maron Podcast

●     Dionne Warwickor Aretha Franklin… there is no comparison.