046 Art, Business, Authenticity and Choices with Rock Star, Stephen Kellogg

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Being hard on yourself shuts you down.

●      How his choices (conscious and unconscious) lead him to where he is.

●      Midlife doesn’t mean we become an adult and coast for the rest of our lives.

●      His themes are about life, celebrating the wins and managing the losses.

●      When you go with the “should,” and try to be cool, more often than not, you don’t get the acclaim or the money and you’re also left with something you are not proud of.

●      Learning from mistakes is essential to knowing in your gut how not to repeat those mistakes.

●      The ethical choices are easy compared to the internal compass of what is authentic.

This conversation with Stephen Kellogg was a treat on so many levels.  Not only is he a super talented singer, writer, and performer, but he is a student of life. In this episode we explore the costs (and rewards) of remaining authentic to himself and his art.  We discuss what it’s like to be “almost there,” for over 20 years and being grateful for an amazing life and career and still wanting more.  In the end, I see plain as day, that the life of a “rock star,” is no different than most careers.  OK, being on the stage is cool, but once off the stage, it’s real life for all of us.

“Never underestimate the importance to staying true to what it is that you do, because the alternative hurts.” – Stephen Kellogg

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Over the last decade, New England native Stephen Kellogg has performed more than 1500 concerts around the world, raised thousands of dollars for causes close to his heart, been named Armed Forces Entertainer of the Year, and penned singles for artists like platinum selling rock band O.A.R and American Idol winner Nick Fradiani. Stephen’s most recent writing work with legendary guitarist Robert Randolph, led to a 2017 Grammy nomination for "Best Contemporary Blues Record." He's also had his songs covered by international major label acts and released ten studio albums of his own yielding hundreds of thousands of ticket and record sales.

A father of four and married to his high school sweetheart, filmmaker Peter Harding was so moved by the everyman nature of Kellogg's story that he made a documentary called "Last Man Standing" which went on to become an Amazon exclusive film. In recent years, Kellogg has added authorship and speaking to his resume as well. He delivered a TEDx Talk on job satisfaction, the key note speech for the prestigious photography summit WRKSHP, and was invited to speak to the students at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO on the topics of social justice and 'finding your voice.’ He has appeared as a contributing author in several publications and in 2019, will be publishing his first full length book entitled “Objects in the Mirror: A Storyteller’s Take On What Matters Most.

Connect with Stephen:

●       Stephen Kellogg Official Website

●      Stephen’s TEDx Talk – I Can’t Get no (Job ) Satisfaction

●      Last Man Standing – Stephen Kellogg Documentary on Amazon

●      New Album – Objects In the Mirror on iTunes

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