061 I Karen Goldfinger Baker: How Shame and Worthiness Affects Even Pro Athletes and Top Executives

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      The cost of holding on to the façade.

●      How Karen creates amazing things, even with feelings of shame and unworthiness.

●      Karen’s one-line business plan: “Heal what you can, accept what can’t, and get what you want anyway.”

●      Listen for how Karen really expresses the above statement.  Way more visceral. 

●      The secret sauce from unworthiness to peace.

It doesn’t matter your accomplishments are a Super Bowl Ring or simply your title; shame and worthiness are part of the equation, if you are a thinking, feeling, human being. Karen Goldfinger Baker works with NFL Players and Top Executives and shares with us the common themes that even the elite deal with.  I love this conversation because what I learned from Karen, is that the self-talk, the negative feelings, or even the evidence that we are not up to the task, do not matter.  Go and create anyway! 


“We often have conversations about magnificent possibility, and then we get to….’but not for me,’ and it’s heartbreaking.”  – Karen Goldfinger Baker

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Karen Goldfinger Baker is a powerful Executive Coach with a demonstrated history of working with inspired leaders to be extraordinary. Significant experience, knowledge, and skills in Business, Nonprofit Organizations, Coaching, and Team Building. A strong, direct, networked professional with certification from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. 

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