Leadership & Resilience

Module 10 - Developing Your Inner Compass

If you’ve done the work in the previous 9 modules you will start to notice a shift in perspective.

Your reactions should give way to a pause of awareness. That awareness or gap between a happening and your old habitual reaction, is where you will find a new inner voice. It won’t be loud, and at first, easily missed, but it is there.

This is where your gut feeling, your intuition, will become part of the equation. You will be able to take experiences and parse reality from old perceptions with greater frequency and clarity. You will be able to pause a reaction, to find a better way to respond. Often, this starts in hindsight. But, I am confident, a thorough effort will give you access to this invaluable part of yourself.

In fact, I am so confident, that if this is not your experience, I urge you to go back and look for where you skipped. Look for where you half assed an exercise. A second pass on some of these hard to grasp concepts, will earn you insights that will last a lifetime.

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