Self-Forgiveness 30 Day Exercise

Welcome to next level consciousness… and the thing that will drop dead weight off your life like nothing else.  Your ego (defended self) won’t like it. Lightness and freedom are not compatible with the ego creating itself.  It uses fear, judgement and beliefs in right and wrong, good or bad to know it exists.  Love, forgiveness and neutrality threaten it.  The irony is, the more neutral and peaceful you become, the more you start to source your energy, wisdom, relationships, etc. from a wiser deeper place….and YOU lessen… The more who YOU TRUELY ARE (creation incarnate), starts to live life.  

Call it the Tao, Christ Consciousness, the Na’au, the Hara, Atman, or Brahman.  Modern psychologists may deem it Flow State.  Call it what you will, you will know it as it stirs and comes online more and more.

 In my experience, all anyone really wants is love and connection (back to the truth of oneness - which we call G-d).  We just go about it ass backward and the ego, trickster that it is, sends us in the wrong direction with “judgement.” The bible is correct, “separation” came with the knowledge of good and bad.

An Example:  The belief that "the culture of your company should be a certain way.” "People should be committed and work X hours.  They are bad if they aren’t working as hard as me."  You know, all the judgments you walk in the office with that distract you and weigh you down.  You can take the same judgments and indictments to your significant other, your mom, politics, and your health etc.  All those “should’s” are your ego’s way of trying to connect with others.  “If they were only different I wouldn’t be mad at them and we could be in harmony,” is the stance of the ego. That judgment is the deal breaker.  It keeps us separate.

Forgiveness IE: “getting to neutral” is the real way to connection and peace. Forgiving each judgment resolves it.  Have you ever noticed, after a fight, when things cool off and you “forgive or admit wrong” connection comes in with a tear and a hug?  It’s what YOU wanted all along but your ego created the opposite.

In this process, we will not only work on this with others…we will turn it inward.  We will find all those places where G-d forgave us, others forgave us, but we just can’t or won’t let ourselves “off the hook.”

The Process to Practice for 30 Days:

1) Getting to Neutral and Openness.  

Use whatever tool you know to use, meditation, prayer, or journaling for a few minutes to get yourself out of your head and open to love (your version of G-d) and groundedness.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just attempted earnestly.  If it helps, think of a spiritual entity or a person who embodies those qualities and emulate them as much as possible.

2) Sit with the thought or presence you cultivated and be open to the possibility that….

I do not know a single thing for sure. G-d knows all.  Life knows all.  But, I do not know what a single person needs. Admit complete ignorance and rest in that, even if it is for only this exercise.  Surrender to a deeper wiser intelligence and let them handle things for now.

3) Ask your deeper self (or pray to your version of G-d) to show you what needs to be let go of (healed) in this moment.

It could be top of mind as soon as you sit.  It could be another person, a health challenge, a resentment a past activity. Trust what comes up and work with it.

4) Hold that object of focus (person, situation or thought) in the space of ignorance, of neutrality.

You may not feel it. But trust you are doing it anyway. 

5) Say inwardly “Object of creation" (whatever you are working with), I forgive you.”

“I let go of all judgement I have placed on you.  I embrace and love you.   I bless you.  I heal you.  And I release you.”  Feel yourself let it go.  Give it to G-d or the Universe if you need to.  The key is to allow your grip to loosen.

6) Take a deep breath and trust you did the work. 

Your mind may not let you have the satisfaction of seeing or feeling release.  You may feel “irresponsible,” for not holding on to a wrong you did or was done to you.  Do not focus on that, just trust the process is working.

Do this for a few minutes. (Ideally 10- 15 each day) You can stay with one object of focus or allow your inner wisdom to bring more. Grab a pen and paper if you are called.  Or go about your day.

Consistency is key. Earnestness is key. “Results” may be immediate or seen in hindsight over time.

If you need help with language and structure… I teach a version of this in my Ho’ponopono video below. I sometimes substitute the mantra in Ho’ponopono as my release to neutral.

Ho’ponopono Instruction Video:

PS: this is the bravest and most fruitful work a human can do.  I can promise you visible, tangible shifts if you actually do the process for 30 days.

Mark ♡☮︎♾