Corporate Workshops

I can customize and facilitate a discussion with your specific board, leadership team, or workgroup about working through the individual challenges that you are facing. Having led many successful, high-impact teams, I can help you achieve the success your business needs.

Corporate workshops are customized to your team. Options include half day workshops, full day workshops and five-week extended programs.

Having your team work with a Master Coach is the best investment you can make to direct your valuable time and attention to achieve unimaginable levels of success. Results include:

  • Increased effectiveness

  • Increased confidence and quality in your decision making

  • Dramatically transform limiting behaviors and habits

  • Elevate from “tactical” to “strategic”

  • Transform your team dynamics and develop direct reports

  • Build your personal brand

  • Address challenges in more innovative ways

  • Reduce stress and increase your levels of happiness

  • Communicate more directly and with more influence

  • Generate more time and focus for your highest priorities

Each engagement, whether group or individual, is focused on making sure your team is successful in all areas and on every level.

  • Vision – Get crystal clear on individual and team goals.

  • Strategy – Focus on what it will take to achieve your vision, while making adjustments for challenges as they arise.

  • Skills/Resources – Evaluate what resources are needed to develop the high-functioning team you need to execute your strategy.

  • Mindset – Most often the barrier to success is our self.  Uncover blind spots, limiting beliefs, and unproductive thinking, and clear the path to team success.

  • Leadership – Delve deep into what it takes to build an unstoppable team that stays hyper-focused on a unified goal. Elevate the team from tactical to strategic.

  • Practice – Develop and maintain unshakable practices and habits that center you and keep you laser-focused on the results you want.

  • Action Plan – The clear roadmap for you and your team to achieve your vision.

  • Team Building – Develop a common language to communicate as a team more effectively with common purpose and trust.

Contact me right now and start leading your team to amazing success.