Core Leadership Mastery Intensive – The Live Experience

This adventure is not for the faint of heart. If you’re ready to throw off all of your obstacles and truly embrace a new vision of true success, then this one is for you.

Twice a year, martial arts master and transformational coach, Tony Bonnici and I, will spend four days in a beautiful location (in 2017, this event will be held in the Dominican Republic) leading a small group of powerful leaders, to change everything they thought of self-mastery, grounded leadership and the possibilities for their businesses and their lives.

This retreat was created to take you away from the day to day; to give the space you need to tune into your head your heart and your gut to create what’s next for you. This beautiful, serene environment will help you connect to nature, your thoughts and your soul.

This is your chance to roll up your sleeves, dig deep and find what you’ve been looking for – to shed what is holding you back from creating a life you always knew you could live.   You will come away from the experience with a wellspring of energy, creativity and purpose.

From this place, your business will grow exponentially, decisions will become clearer, partnerships and relationships will be rocket fuel for your goals and visions.


  • Join three group calls before the event to connect and prepare for the journey. Your adventure begins the moment you sign up for this life-changing event. By the time we meet you will have already begun your journey of self-discovery.

  • Join us at a beautiful luxury resort, in Dominican Republic, where you will enjoy sumptuous gourmet meals while watching the spectacular sunsets of this tropical paradise.

  • Enjoy a combination of workshops, teachings, and experiential adventures that will change your life forever.

  • Develop real relationships with 20 highly successful and powerful individuals who will share your adventure and encourage your success.

  • We know how powerful this adventure is going to be and, unlike most events or seminars, we will make sure you have our support when you return your daily life. So join us for a follow up call that help you integrate back into your daily routine while retaining all the valuable tools you’ve gained during Core Leadership Mastery Intensive.

Contact Mark to become part of The Core Leadership Mastery Intensive.

A Core Leadership Mastery Intensive is also a great way for corporate teams to impact goals, culture and team building.

Here’s what participants at one of our recent events had to say about their experience:

I found new things in myself to step into my fears and grow my connections with others. This is more than a workshop; it is an opportunity to reach your fullest potential. -Tony Barrett

Tony and Mark are the most powerful, grounded, deep, wise, empowering, spiritual men I have ever met. This has been deep and profound and life changing. I feel so much joy I have no words. -Kelly Childress

My most profound experience has been the uncovering of the layers, despite the 30 years of deep work I have done. The releases have been really profound through tears and gut laughter and I am leaving through this lightness and freedom and connection from this magical container that Mark and Tony have created. -Kirsten Biondi

I came to discover who I am as a leader and deepen my self-awareness and I got that and more. I experienced a rich full container of magnificent people who do amazing things in the world. Now I’ve found my community. This was a journey of depth into my soul, mind and spirit in a way I have never experienced before. I was pushed to my limits and I am so excited, I am on a different plain, I am ready to rock the world. -Frederick Jefferson

I play a pretty big game, and I knew there was something more and this was the place to get to it. It was incredibly profound. I had a life and death fear since childhood, I hide it well, and Mark and Tony were able to break down those protection strategies in a beautiful, intentional safe way. I was able to be with a fear that literally makes me feel like I would die. I learned how it keeps me from having a business that I truly desire, as big as I am willing to own, it keeps me from having the intimate relationships I ache for. I not only received tools to create things outside this sphere in a very intentional way, and I experienced them in a profound forever life changing way that was scary as hell and also, and also an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. What struck me was that there was so much intentionality in creating this experience with me, that I was able to experience this life and death fear in the real world and know that I am completely held safe. -Tressa Wood

I wanted to have a deeper experience, mentally and emotional, than I do at a normal business conference to get grounded and rooted. Sitting eye to eye with these people, they spoke to me in a voice I needed to hear with so much love. They gave me things to grow as a father, husband, person and business man. It was very profound. I’m leaving with a family and new tools and a general feeling of being loved. If you are thinking of coming, you are crazy if you don’t. It is an experience that you will carry with you forever. -Ryan Ayres

I got the willingness to take the step into the unknown, to do and be something that I was afraid to do. I got the clarity and power to do what I want to do in life. The power of everyone here is incredible. Please turn off your head, take the chance, you will bring home so much that you would not have expected to get. This is the place. You are supported by people who are on the same page with so much love. -Alla

I have known Mark and Tony for quite a while. They are the most passionate that I have ever met in the world of transformation in entrepreneurship and leadership. Everything was a tremendous surprise that unlocked so much in my business and relationships. One of the most profound moments for me was when Tony framed a context of Conscious Existence, where I was able to experience things that were so normal and see them through new eyes. I was able to be in the world and being present to the world around me that I’ve experienced for the first time. I was able to experience things that were so normal and see them through new eyes – that was unexpected and extraordinary. I can take this back to my actual life that I have built and am looking at it through new eyes and completely changing my relationship with the world I already live in. It’s going to be extraordinary. – James Butler

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