Core Leadership Mastery Group

Iron sharpens iron. That is why I have partnered with Tony Bonnici, transformational coach and martial arts master, to form the Core Leadership Mastery Group. Twice a year we choose 8 successful and deeply connected men and women, who are committed to break through any barriers, and achieve the next level of success. These elite few come together three times a month, for 6 months, to encourage, challenge and support one another to achieve new heights and achieve true success.

The Core Leadership Mastery Group becomes an ongoing network of support that you can reach out to for advice, supports you through any challenges and understands the path you’re on to achieve more than just success but greatness.

Tony and I choose this group very carefully to ensure they meet the specific criteria that define those on the path to the next level of success.

This mastery group was created to give you the extra edge.  By being coached by two successful leaders, in a group of like-minded peers, you will gain the tools you need to clarify your goals, and take the best steps to get to where you want to go. Along the way, we will strengthen relationships, unleash energy and passion, and deepen your sense of fulfillment with all you do.

Do you have what it takes to join the Core Leadership Mastery Group?

Contact Mark for more information.