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You can absolutely thrive and accomplish more than you ever dreamed.

My clients have a track record of success. They are C-level leaders, top sales executives, and high performers. I’ve helped them to increase their revenue, create teams that perform at optimum levels, grow their leadership style, manage performance under pressure and to stop their organizations and departments from spinning their wheels on unimportant things so that they can focus on specific goals and objectives.

All coaching is fully customizable and tailored to each organization and leader. I can facilitate a discussion with your specific board, leadership team or workgroup about working through the specific challenges that you’re facing. We find out what is possible, and go beyond even that, with a plan and drive that will shatter past performance.

We begin with Self Discovery. Whether on a group or individual level, you need to know who and where you are before you can know who and where you want to be. Every engagement begins with a series of assessments to determine your goals, current assets and the mindset, skills and resources needed to achieve your objectives.

We then move on to Building a Foundation. What got you here may not get you to the next level. Every endeavor worth pursuing requires change and growth. In partnership, we build solid practices, habits and mindsets that will become the bedrock on which you can stand to take the actions needed to achieve your goals.

Finally, we move on to Taking Action. Any change or action takes leadership. You and your team will need to make hard choices, assess risk and lean into resistance. During this process, you’ll develop both the internal and external leadership skills that
are key to growth in every area and we’ll create a clear roadmap for you and your team to achieve your vision.

Each engagement, whether group or individual is focused on making sure your team is successful on every level.

  • Vision – You will create a crystal clear goal on an individual or team level.

  • Strategy – You will focus on what it will take to achieve your vision, while making adjustments for challenges as they arise.

  • Skills/Resources – You will evaluate the resources needed to develop the high functioning team you need to execute your strategy.

  • Mindset – You will uncover blind spots, limiting beliefs, and unproductive thinking and clear the path to team success.

  • Leadership – You will dive deep in to what it takes to build an unstoppable team that stays hyper-focused on a unified goal, elevating the team from tactical to strategic. You will become a master at “self leadership” that will translate in to a charismatic and effective leadership brand.

  • Practice – You will create a rock solid foundation by creating and maintaining unshakable practices and habits that center you and keep you laser focused on the results you want.

  • Team Communication – You and your team will create a common language to communicate more effectively with trust and a common purpose.

Here are five ways that we can work together:

  1. One-on-one transformational coaching – It’s time to shatter the barriers that prevent you from achieving TRUE success. Every leader comes to a crossroad, in their lives and careers, where they can settle for the life they have or break through to the next level. Do you believe that YOU can have everything YOU want financially, professionally, personally and spiritually? I know you can! “What got you here won’t get you where you want to go” – Rich Litvin

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  1. Join our Core Leadership Mastery mastermind group – Twice a year, transformational coach and martial arts master, Tony Bonnici and I choose an elite group of 8 successful and deeply connected men and women to form our Core Leadership Mastery Group. Each one of these leaders is striving for the same goal: to courageously break through any obstacles and achieve the next level of success. Twice a month these amazing individuals join us to encourage, challenge and support one another to achieve great new heights in all aspects of life.

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  1. The Core Leadership Mastery Intensive – the Live Experience – This adventure is not for the faint of heart–but if you are ready to throw off all of your obstacles and truly embrace your own vision of success, then this one is for you. This year, Tony Bonnici and I, will spend four days on the white sand beaches of the Dominican Republic, in a whale sanctuary with a small group of just 20 participants, who are ready to shed the barriers holding them back and jumpstart their path to success.

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  1. Corporate Workshops – I facilitate a discussion with your specific board, leadership team or workgroup about working through the specific challenges that you are facing. We focus our efforts on shedding limiting beliefs and energy leaks that hold the team back. In these workshops, we find out what is possible, and go beyond even that, with a plan and drive that will shatter past performance. Having led many successful, high impact teams, I know, together we can help your organization achieve the success your business needs.

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  1. Speaking Engagements – Based on my best-selling book Only 10s, I speak on the subject of Focus and Attention. This is not about time management, it is about uncovering the most important, results oriented actions so that motivation is never the issue. It is about slowing down, tapping into a more grounded and intelligent place so you work smarter, not harder and getting things out of a “to-do list” to DONE.

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