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All Ships Rise With The Tide.

I hear over and over about the loneliness and isolation of leadership. 

Of how the weight of responsibility, of caring for a family (kids, spouse, the elderly), the challenges of getting older, and the increased stresses of the business world make us feel isolated. 

Broken or stressed relationships

Cancer, Depression, Suicide and Addiction are at epidemic proportions. 

And we just accept them the inevitable price of being in the 1%.

You have a choice

Can you imagine having a team? A Posse’? A group of amazing people who value your success and well being as much as their own?

This is what we will be creating in the
Mastering Midlife Master Circle.

What happens when you participate fully, supporting your team members’ success, and focus on a vision that excites (and scares) you?

You’ll exceed your own expectations…


You’ll create something you haven’t experienced since you left the military, a sports team or any other focused team activity.

If you miss this feeling or you’ve never fully experienced this level of camaraderie and support.

You can now…