No-one Does Anything Of Significance Alone.

You got where you are today by your ability to out work everyone else, but now you’ve ‘arrived’, things are different.

To be successful in one area often costs success in other areas.

The pressure of being all things to all people is, or is becoming unsustainable.

Do you simply miss creating because these days firefighting seems to take all your time and energy?

If you feel the isolation of leadership and want the support, input and camaraderie of other high achievers you need a new community of peers.

Maybe you love what you do, and know, in order to keep playing at this level, you need to evolve your skillset, mindset and the way you play the game.

Most people think they need to go it alone and be a “Maverick.”.

They don’t have time for connection, support or to get vulnerable. 

The hustle and grind culture is pervasive, and to show any need, is akin to weakness. 

Those people are wrong. If you’re still reading, you know that too!

Yes, incredible success can be achieved by brute force, deprivation of other parts of life, and by going it alone, but there is almost always a brick wall or a deep hole in the road.

Most don’t talk about it… until they can hide it no longer.

Rather than experiencing “success,” we feel empty and a bit confused that “this wasn’t it.” 

We know it. 

We see it.

But we think it is inevitable, the way it needs to be.

It’s not.

Which brings me to ‘Truth Number Two’…