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Based on Mark’s best-selling book Only 10s, Mark can speak to your team about using the power of distraction to get the right things done. This is not about time management, it’s about FOCUS. It is about working smarter, not harder, and getting things out of a “to-do list” to DONE.

Mark went from a career leading executive teams of CEO’s, generating millions of dollars in sales and stockpiling his shelves with awards to living out of his car with an alcohol-addiction problem. He had become a posterchild for corporate burnout. After bouncing back, he came to realize that what drives us early on in our careers is not sustainable. The lifestyle of most corporate leaders is slow suicide. It’s time to evolve to achieve limitless success. Given the appropriate tools, Mark believes that all leaders can become nimble, increase their capacity for long-term thinking and build resilience to withstand disruptive shocks, manage complexity and recover from tough times.

With his grounded and real-life approach, he’s able to move his audience with honest and relatable stories that are powerfully transforming, engaging his audience to unlock purpose and discover their true potential. Your audience will leave invigorated, with practical and doable action items that they can put in to place immediately.

Speaking Topics

  • Only 10’s: Your Internal Compass for Getting the Right Things Done – We have too much to do. Most of it doesn’t get us where we want to go. Learn how to trust yourself in prioritizing what works for you and your goals.

  • Leadership Resilience – How to be your absolute best when things go right or terribly wrong.

  • Keep Your Career; Take Back Your Life – What got you here won’t get you where you want to go – the formula to uplevel and get to the next phase of your career.

Available for customizable keynotes, 1-hour workshops and half/full day seminars.To view Mark’s speaker one sheet, go here.

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