Thinking and The Mind

Here you will find some of my favorite videos on the nature of mind, thinking and our relationship with “reality.” I do not endorse any of these as “the truth,” however, if they appear on this page, then I have found them to be useful in unhooking ourselves from the prison of our conditioned thoughts, habits and conditioned way of being.

The point is freedom. If we can agree that some percentage of our lives and our satisfaction with life, is our perspective, then this collection should help….shift our perspective.

“Why Aren’t We Awesomer” - Michael Neill: Michael Neill is the author of “The Inside Out Revolution,” “SuperCoach,” and many other insightful books on the nature of thought and the mind. This TEDx Talk, is probably the most succinct and creative confront on the effect our “thoughts” have on our lives. I share it with every prospective client, BEFORE, they come to see me.