075 I Resilience and Reinvention Beats Ageism Every Time with Karen Sands

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      What Karen means when she talks about reinventing aging.

●      When midlife really hits you and why it's not about age.

●      The questions people ask themselves during their midlife years.

●      Why she decided to leave her previous career and her exit plan.

●      The challenges that stop people from reinventing themselves.

●      The people she’s helped and some of their stories.

●      Networking and how it helps you find new options in life.

●      How longevity factors into how you should view your future.

Karen joins me to share what it means to reinvent one’s self during their midlife years. She explains the concept of ageless aging and why midlife doesn’t always happen when you’re forty. She describes how you can expand your network and career opportunities past forty. Karen also shares why reinvention can happen at any age.


“The thing about midlife and reinvention is it's no different than when we were going from childhood to adolescent or adolescent to adulthood.” - Karen Sands

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Karen Sands is a certified Master and Mentor Coach, speaker, and author of multiple books including Visionaries Have Wrinkles and The Ageless Way. She describes herself as a GeroFuturist, a term she defines as someone who recognizes that old age doesn’t have to mean you’re deprived of opportunities. She believes that with modern medical science paving the way for longer life expectancies, people now have more to look forward beyond retirement.

Karen Sand’s Words of Wisdom:

●      Not everybody is really going to reinvent themselves, but the majority of us have that coming towards us, and we need to reach out for it.

●      Reinvention is not just for people in midlife.

●      Fear is the number one reason people refuse to reinvent themselves.


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