098 I Transforming Anxiety Instead of Managing it with Titus Kahoutek and Katie McKenna


 Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Why Titus and Katie decided to focus on helping people transform their anxiety.

●      The difference between managing and transforming your anxiety.

●      Understanding what anxiety is and how it manifests itself in your daily life.

●      How to identify when you need to seek help.

●      Rewiring your fight-or-flight responses.

●      Why many people overlook the signs of anxiety.

●      How Titus and Katie help their clients identify the physiological triggers associated with anxiety.

●      How they help people reconnect with their ‘emotional GPS.’

●      Strategies for coping with anxiety attacks when they occur.

●      How dietary choices can impact your anxiety levels.

●      The importance of going deep to understand your emotions.

Titus and Katie join me today to discuss how to transform your anxiety instead of trying to manage it. They explain what anxiety is, how it can manifest differently for everyone, and why many people overlook the signs of anxiety that they experience. They discuss how you can rewire your fight-or-flight responses to better cope with anxiety and stressful circumstances. They also explain how anxiety is your body’s way of communicating with you as well as how your diet and nutritional choices can impact your anxiety levels.


“Anxiety is really our way into our own self and our own internal language.” - Katie McKennaer

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Titus Kahoutek is the co-founder of Heroics Training Systems, a company that helps innovators, leaders, and organizations to optimize their performance and lead enriching lives by reintegrating their body and mind and empowering their potential. He is a coach, speaker, and trainer that is fascinated by the human potential and human landscape.


Katie McKenna is the founder of a private integrative counseling and nutrition practice that uses a unique and integrative approach to foster physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change. Katie is an Obesity and Eating Disorder Psychotherapist and holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition. She is also a coach at Heroics Training Systems. Titus and Katie are also the co-founders of The Anxiety Experts.


Titus Kahouten and Katie McKenna’s Words of Wisdom:

●      Dropping into the present moment with the sensations is the first step.

●      If we’re practicing nourishment, our body responds with more energy and vitality.


Resources Mentioned:

●      013 Exercise, Being Strong, Flexible and Injury Proof with Titus Part 1

●      Nutrition - It’s Not Just Our Food with Titus Part 2


Connect with Titus Kahoutek & Katie McKenna:

●      The Anxiety Experts

●      The Genius of Anxiety Workshop

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