097 | Bonus Episode: We Can't Change Our Story Until We Know Our Story


Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      The beliefs, the conditioning, the tools we developed, that worked when we were young, are brought into adult life, and don’t work anymore.

●      We look for evidence to reinforce those beliefs.

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●      We have an experience, we add emotion, maybe physical trauma, and it becomes a belief that runs us for the rest of our lives.

●      If you’re not making sales, or your procrastinating, or your reactions are disproportionate, get out a pen and paper and explore where that might be coming from.

●      Bringing these things out into the open helps you deal with reality, not the perception of reality.

Childhood trauma’s still run us.  Big or small, the experiences we had and the decisions we made from them, inform everything we think and do today.  These beliefs and tools we learned in childhood, that worked then, no longer work today.

“We can’t change our story till we know our story.” – Mark J. Silverman


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