096 I You Built an Amazing Business, Now You Want to Create What's Next with Brandon Green


Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      In 2018 Brandon started to wonder, “is this what I want to continue to do?”

●      The real estate industry started to need to evolve, Brandon’s company needed to, as well.

●      How boredom, not something he usually experiences, moved him to question everything.

●      Step One, take stock of your resources, people and experiences.

●      Step Two, look for examples of people who have gone before.

●      Step Three, what are the non-negotiables that must be honored?

●      Step Four, find neutral (the white space), to allow what’s next to become clear.

●      Everything needs to be on the table, this is a courageous and personal journey

●      You do not need to leave it all behind, you can evolve and bring your experience and your community along.

●      Make sure you stay connected to your community of support.

Brandon joins us today to share his journey.  We will touch on his incredible history of success, but today’s focus is on growth, evolution, and the need to create something new.  Brandon didn’t need to change, everything was going incredibly well, but, when that internal whisper got his attention, he didn’t fight it or run from it.  He embraced it, though scary, and explored what it might mean.  What he found is an iterative path that savors what was, and moves us to what could be.


“How we were doing business and how we were successful in the past, wasn’t how we were going to be successful in the future.” – Brandon Green

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In 2006, Brandon Green co-founded the Keller Williams Capital Properties real estate organization and together with his partners built it into a regional network of 8 offices and $2 billion in annual sales in a little more than a decade. Nationally recognized for business growth and achievement, he dealt with countless stakeholders and managed a wide diversity of people in an industry that is undergoing massive structural and economic change.  Brandon believes impact-focused businesses make the world better and in addition to investing, he delivers keynote presentations, interviews thought leaders, moderates panel conversations and events, and works with key executives from organizations around the world to achieve clarity and grow their businesses.



Connect with Brandon Green:

●      Brandon Green’s Website

●      Keller William’s Capital Properties

●      Realestateonpurpose.com

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