095 I How to Lose The Weight With Love and Forgiveness with Nadine Larder



Today on Mastering Midlife:


●      How Nadine’s weight loss journey began.

●      How her childhood experiences impacted her self-esteem and self-acceptance as an adult.

●      How her feelings of self-loathing and low self-esteem impacted the way she raised her children.

●      Why Nadine believed her weight was holding her back from authentically expressing herself.

●      The moment she realized she was truly obese and how she finally began accepting herself.

●      How accepting and loving herself led to finally losing weight.

●      The difference between deprivation and self-control.

●      The importance of forgiving yourself for not achieving your weight loss goals.

●      Why she is thankful for all of the weight, setbacks, and negative experiences she’s had throughout her life.

Nadine joins me today to share her weight loss journey and the moment she realized she was obese. She shares how her family impacted her self-esteem, self-worth, and self-acceptance. She shares how her deep negative feelings about her body and weight impacted the way she raised her children and why she believed her weight held her back from authentically expressing herself. She also shares how finally accepting and loving herself and her body eventually led to losing the weight she desired.


“It’s all in the mind. It’s all in how you choose to look at it.” - Nadine Larder

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Nadine Larder is an artist, public speaker, and the founder and CEO of Printer Bees, an online printing and full-service marketing company. She is the author of The Secrets I Share With My Friends, a book aimed at helping entrepreneurs find direction and build lucrative businesses. As a mother of five children, she describes parenthood as one of life’s greatest teachers and one of the best and most rewarding aspects of her life.


Titus Kahouten and Katie McKenna’s Words of Wisdom:

●      Dropping into the present moment with the sensations is the first step.

●      If we’re practicing nourishment, our body responds with more energy and vitality.


Nadine Larder’s Words of Wisdom:

●      Loving yourself because of your flaws and not in spite of them is the key to health and wellness.


Resources Mentioned:

●      Conquering Fear to Create Masterpieces


Connect with Nadine Larder:

●      Nadine Larder's Website

●      Printer Bees

●      Facebook 


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