094 | Bonus Episode: Whitney Houston… What If?


Today on Mastering Midlife: 

●      Whitney Houston was not the pristine, pop princess sold to the world. 

●      Inauthenticity takes its toll. 

●      What happens when healthy rebellion goes horribly wrong?

●      What if Whitney had strong, wise guidance to help her through her desperate desire to be real?

●      That last album “I Look to You,” in hindsight, is so much better than first thought

Whitney Houston had a Midlife Crisis.  It looked like the tried and true tragic story of superstardom and crash, but it followed the same road we all trudge. The scenario was spectacular, the characters larger than life, and the fall, horribly public but Whitney’s story is one many of us can relate to if we actually thought about it.  In this episode I share my take on what happened, and what might have been. 


Had she survived her midlife crisis, I have to wonder, what would her legacy be?” –Mark J. Silverman


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