093 I What do you do with a Dead Husband, 4 Kids and Grad School?


Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      How her husband died in a car accident while she was attending grad school.

●      How she delivered the news of her husband’s death to her family and children.

●      The people who supported her and her family at the time.

●      What a Warrior Support System is and when she developed it.

●      When she decided to move on to her next chapter in life.

●      Why grief becomes new and different as you age.

●      What it was like introducing a new man to the family.

●      What it's like shortly after losing your spouse.

●      Her advice for helping those who lost a family member.

●      The projects she plans on launching in the next three months.

Kate joins me today to share her experience of losing her husband at a young age while raising four kids and attending grad school. She describes how she initially reacted, how she delivered the news to her family, and the mindset she had that enabled her to finally move forward. She explains why grief is felt differently as you age and how a loss can adversely affect your kids. Kate also shares what she encourages people to do to help someone who has lost a loved one.


“You have to give yourself permission to do those things that both comfort and release you.” - Kate Astrakhan

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Kate Astrakhan is a technical podcast producer, audio engineer, and Founder of  Podcast Network Solutions. Podcast Network Solutions is an audio company that provides professional services catered explicitly for podcasts. They will help you launch your podcast, give it a professional touch, and create and expand your podcast network. Kate has over 30 years of experience in the radio and broadcasting industry, and her company currently produces over 1,700 episodes a month.


Kate Astrakhan’s Words of Wisdom:

●      The first year is the worst. The first year is going to be emotional and mental chaos - and probably some physical chaos as well - as you try to reorganize your world. That first year is learning how to do it by yourself again.

●      You cannot give what you do not have.

●      When you lose a family member, it’s not just you who suffers.

●      Don’t be afraid to forget certain traits about your spouse. It’s part of the process of moving forward.



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