091 | Bonus Episode: Trusting Yourself With Big Decisions


Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Self-Honesty is not something our egos want.

●      Self-Honesty is a practice, you need tools to cultivate it.

●      Tool One – Contemplation – Slow down, get introspective.

●      Tool Two – Meditation – One minute, two… but get to know the inner voices

●      Tool Three – Journaling – It’s hard to lie to yourself on paper

●      Tool Four – A Good, Trustworthy Posse’ – who will call you on your &%#$ ?

How do you know you’re making the best choices?  How do you know if you are being honest with yourself or fooling yourself into another dead end?  Self-Honesty is essential to make it through Midlife with more wisdom, more depth and more options.  Actually, that is true at any age or stage of the game.  But how do we get there when we are so good at hoodwinking ourselves?  We want to know which thoughts we can trust, and which we can’t.


“It’s really hard to lie to yourself with paper and pen.” –Mark J. Silverman 


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