088 | Bonus Episode: What I Learned from the Amazing Sean Stephenson (A Tribute)


Sean Stephenson wasn’t supposed to live 24 hours after his birth.  Unfortunately, he did pass, way too soon, at the age of 40.  But not until he became “Dr.” Stephenson.  Not until he touched the lives of millions.  Not until he married the love of his life.  Not until he created a whole generation of impactful speakers.  Not until he taught the world do dance on YouTube. And not until he touched me in a profound and lasting way. 

Today’s episode is the story of one afternoon I spent with Sean in a speaker training.  That afternoon changed me (and everyone in the room) forever.  I hope it impacts you. 

In lieu of “show notes,” please follow the links to all the incredible content Sean created as his legacy.  I promise you… you will be entertained, moved and changed. 

 “You have no problem hating someone you never met, but it feels weird to you if I tell you to love someone you never met…what is jacked up about that?” –Sean Stephenson 

Sean Stephenson Magic: