079 | Bonus Episode: A Few Joy Inducing, Life Altering, Reality Challenging Books I Am Reading


In this episode, I share something very personal… My experience with joy, freedom, and an unfolding relationship with the nature of reality.  

This podcast is usually geared towards real life storied, hero’s journeys, if you will, of both everyday people and a few folks with extra ordinary stories.  We talk practical tools, fascinating insights, and boots on the ground wisdom.  On Fridays, I share my own thoughts, observations, and tools that come from my work with coaches, spiritual leaders, and my experiences with my own clients. 

In no way am I professing that I know the truth for you or anyone.  Here, I am simply sharing some of the texts, some ancient, some more contemporary, that all point to the same universal understanding of G-d, humanity and the nature of reality.  Take what you like and leave the rest, the saying goes. 

And, the “not so secret, secrets” I have experienced as a result of these studies (and deep inner work) is a profound lightness, a great joy, and the freedom I see so many seeking with all the self-help, fundamental religion and consumer frenzy. 

Bring an open mind… and follow your gut on this one. 


“Letting something else flow through me, The Tao, Life, G-d, Christ, whatever you want to call it, has been the most exquisite healing I could ever imagine. And there is a flavor for every taste.” – Mark Silverman 

Resources Mentioned: 


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