077 I Feel Better, Have More Energy and a Clearer Mind Through Gut Health with Dr. Bob Johnson


Today on Mastering Midlife: 

  • How your gut health impacts your brain health. 

  • The connection between gut health and depression. 

  • Why Dr. Bob is passionate about helping others improve their health and increase their performance. 

  • How an individual’s health can impact a company’s revenue. 

  • How he helps corporate clients increase their company’s revenue by improving their employees' health and wellbeing. 

  • What it truly means to have good health. 

  • How small health compromises impact your risk of developing illnesses and diseases. 

Dr. Bob joins me today to discuss how your gut health impacts your ability to think clearly and feel energetic. He explains how our health affects our personal and professional performance as well as our relationships with others. He discusses what it truly means to be in good health and how small compromises with your health can impact your long-term wellbeing. He also explains how an individual’s health and wellbeing impacts a company’s overall productivity and revenue. 


“The most important thing that anyone needs - whether they realize it or not - is good health.” - Dr. Bob Johnson 

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Dr. Bob Johnson is a high-level health coach, naturopath, and Biological Dentist. Through his corporate wellness program, Health Awareness Ventures, he has helped significantly improve the lives and productivity of corporate executives and their employees. Dr. Bob has studied with leading health practitioners and has recently launched a new online health care forum, Vital 100 Wellness, which aims to improve the health and productivity of businesses and individuals.

Dr. Bob Johnson’s Words of Wisdom: 

  • The health of the gut profoundly affects the brain, your overall health, and your immunity. 

  • Good brain health and good gut health is critical to being able to perform well. 

Connect with Dr. Bob Johnson: 

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