074 I How to Create a Loving, Collaborative, Divorce, with Attorney, Catherine Reese

Today on Mastering Midlife:

  • Why the court isn’t the best place for “self-determination.” 

  • Trial is no longer the only choice. 

  • How can you focus on the best interest of the children? 

  • Animosity is almost required in litigation because of what needs to be presented. 

  • Privacy is something you get in mediation and collaboration, not in the court setting. 

  • A child does not need to lose a parent because a he/she decided to get divorced. 

  • Money is better spent in mediation/collaboration and with a coach. 

Kate joins me today because “divorce” comes up in at least 50% of my conversations.  It is a time when normally reasonable, loving people can be at their worst.  Who you choose to represent you and how you go about “uncoupling,” can affect the rest of your lives, not to mention the experiences of the children involved.  In this episode, Kate walks us through the differences between Litigation, Collaborative Law and the benefits of Mediation.  This episode is so useful, I have shared the raw files many times before publication.  If you are going through (or have gone through) this, all too common, life experience, I promise you will walk away with invaluable information and insights. 


“If you have to go to court and say every rotten thing the other parent did to get the judge to understand your request, that bell does not get unrung.” – Catherine Reese 

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Accomplished in many of the finer points of law and human behavior, Catherine Reese has been a family law attorney for over 20 years. She’s a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and the recent recipient of a Master’s of Art in Counseling. Kate’s ambition is to help mediate the parties in an effort to eliminate the need for attorneys and the legal system and perhaps even be able to save for their children’s futures. As a mediator and a counselor, Kate sees herself also as a coach for the parties involved and an advocate for children and parents.

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