083 I Stressful Career? How Service and Family Can Help You Ground with Bart Richards

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

  • Seeing a photo in front of the fire station; a fireman raising the flag after the World Trade Center fell with the caption “who’s going to answer the call?” 

  • Listen for the request by his fire chief, to learn exactly who Bart Richards is. 

  • How “selling things” and making money is thrilling, but not entirely fulfilling. 

  • Having something in your life, where you can see your impact, and the difference you actually made, helps when you put your head on the pillow at night. 

  • Bart talks about carving out the time from a demanding career and a full family life to volunteer. 

  • Not only is it fulfilling… but there is an incredible adrenaline rush that adds to life. 

  • And… Having a full life outside of work “absolutely fuels his career and business relationships.” 

I have known Bart Richards for almost 20 years.  In an industry (high tech sales) that breeds stressed out, transactional relationships, Bart stood out as a genuine and grounded example of what is possible, even under pressure.  We were both in sales in the storage industry (Bart in NY/NJ and me in the DC Area) when 9/11 happened.  Our particular industry “disaster recovery” shot to the top of everyone’s priority, and it needed to be fixed yesterday.  It was at that time, Bart announced he wanted to “give back” and became a fireman, while excelling at his job and raising his family.  Join us as he recounts that journey and shares what service and family have done to both ground him, and fuel his success. 


“I could help people on potentially the worst day of their lives.” –D. Bart Richards 

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Bart Richards has been a Sales Leader in the High-Tech Industry for over two decades. He has contributed 100s of millions of dollars in revenue to some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and beyond. Over the years, he has honed his leadership skills to help his teams over achieve impossible goals. At the same time, he is a father, husband, and a volunteer fireman.


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