065 | Bonus Episode: My Thoughts Are Driving Me Crazy, Now What?


Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      What do you do when the self-talk is hitting you in all the places it knows can hook you?

●      How do you suit up, show up even when your tools aren’t clearing the noise?

●      You cannot fight the thoughts in your head.  The moment you engage, you lose.

●      My daily practice up to this point has prepared me for the onslaught… even though it’s loud, I just don’t care.

Woke up this morning hating myself.  The self-talk was at DEFCON 5 and the feelings went right along with it.  Usually I am free and clear of those pesky thoughts, but not this morning.  Now what do I do?  The trick is how I practiced all the days leading up to this day when the volume was turned down on the hateful inner dialog.  Today, no matter how loud, it still is of no consequence. A thought is a thought just as a cloud is a cloud.  Volume and seeming validity do not matter. 

“I’m not Darren Hardy, I should just quit, and probably should die” – Actual thought that ran through Mark’s head.

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