039 | Bonus Episode: Six Questions We Should Always Be Asking Ourselves


Today on Mastering Midlife: 

In every moment and every situation, we have a choice.  We are almost always living from memories of the past or made up visions of the future.  We spend our days, not dealing with reality, but fencing with our made-up perceptions, beliefs and habits.  Don’t believe me?  Slow down, pay attention, see the truth.  I’m pretty confident on this one.  

And, in every moment, we can take a deep breath, slow our reactions and choose to step out of our conditioning and deal with reality instead of our fear, our negative thoughts and our habitual reactions.  

In this episode I share six questions I ask myself, (after I breathe) to snap myself out of the dream.

 ●      In every situation, I ask myself:

○      Is what I think, what they said, what I’ve always believed, true?

○      How am I scaring myself?

○      What’s real, now?

○      What do I (really) want in this moment?

○      What do I want to create here (relationship, business, art, legacy, a solution)?

○      Where do I want to place my attention?

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