027 | Mastering Midlife - Let’s Talk About Your Posse’ with Mark J. Silverman

MM027 Let’s Talk About Your Posse’ with Mark J. Silverman

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

 You are the sum total of the 5, 10, or 2 people you hang around with.  They are a reflection of you, they influence you and they are huge part of the quality of your life and production.  Choose wisely.

A bad Posse’ can result in misguided adventures.  No Posse’ can be isolating with all the health and well-being consequences it brings.

Too many of us wake up in Mid-life to find out we do not have a deep bench of friends, supporters, confidants. 

“If you have a dream that you can accomplish on your own, you’re not dreaming big enough.” – Jeanine Becker· 

●     Take a look at who you surround yourself with

●     Do they lift you, challenge you, support you?

●     Do they hold you back or bring you down?

●     Do you have a Posse’ of people at all?

●     We all need a personal and professional group we can lean on and learn from.

●     How is your professional Board of Directors?

●     It’s smart to have people in your life with skills, knowledge and insights different from your own.

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