023 | How an Exciting Personal Life Adds Rocket Fuel to Your Career with Uneeb Khan

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

  • Today on Mastering Midlife:

      ●     How the sudden death of a friend will change your perspective forever

    ●     Instrumental grief – turning your grief into something useful

    ●     Going from “numb” to feeling alive

    ●     An emotional attachment to a goal fuels motivation – procrastination can’t win. 

    ●     How embracing his personal life fueled his career and made him a better leader

    ●     Having a rich personal life made him a more effective leader

    ●     Fear is literally a superpower

When Uneeb’s friend, Chad, asked him to go on an adventure, a hike or take a day off to enjoy life, Uneeb’s answer was almost always no.  “I have to work.”  Chad was a lover of life and Uneeb had an immigrant’s commitment to work ethic and success.  He felt he had to always be “hitting it hard” in order to succeed.  Chad’s sudden and untimely death changed all that.  Join our conversation where Uneeb shows us how embracing a full, rich personal life, has made him more successful (and happy) than ever.   

“When you have an emotional attachment to a goal, procrastination can’t win.” – Uneeb Khan

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"Uneeb Khan is an Electrical Engineering and with one of the most prominent engineering companies in the nation. He was presented The Propel Leadership award in 2016 and a teaching award in 2017. Uneeb's expertise has allowed him to work on high-profile projects such as the World Trade Center (Freedom Tower), several United Nations Buildings, and many other named institutions. Uneeb craftfully executes the work-life balance and has backpacked to over 30 countries, most notably climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and swimming with sharks, running with the bulls, traveling to Antarctica, and volunteers monthly at a suicide prevention hotline. He is acertified in Mental Health First Aid and Assist Suicide Intervention  He has put together training boot camps for entry-level employees and hosted national pre-construction conferences. He is a strong believer in work-life balance and has been dedicated to sharing that message and helping people obtain that way of life."

Uneeb Khan’s Words of Wisdom:

 ●     Do something that inspires fear.

●     Do something that involves learning.

●     Do something that involves charity or helping people

●     Do something the “eight your old you” would be proud of.

●     Travelto another country or another part of town.

Connect with Uneeb Khan:

 ●     Instagram - @uneebriated

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