026 | How Eli Nash, Turned Childhood Trauma Into Gold

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

  • How childhood abuse echo’s even after we become functioning adults, even with families, accomplishments and success.

  • How our story becomes our powerful message of healing and growth

  • ·Sharing his pain not only helps him heal, it helps others heal.

  • Before sharing his story, he felt on the outside, after he felt included.

  • Our secrets come out.  It can be directly or sideways.  But, they will come out.

  • How abuse fosters lack of worth and boundaries because of conditioning.

  • You can learn to say no.  To set boundaries.

  • You can change perspective on your story from “shame” to your superpower.

Eli joins us today to discuss secrets.  Not just his, but yours.  He uses his experience of being molested as a child to walk us through the hero’s journey from denial, to the ashes of experienced pain, to the freedom from guilt and shame.  We all have hidden pain, Eli shows us how alchemize those things we fear and hide, into our superpower and our gift to everyone we encounter.

“It’s okay to be human - and it’s important to remember that.” - Alan Stein, Jr.

Eli Nash Photo.jpeg

Eli Nash had a deep dark secret he kept hidden for over 15 years.

He grew up as 1 of 9 children and was sexually abused from the age of 8.  Growing his company to over $250m didn't fill the emptiness he felt inside. A therapy session led him to opening up and finally hunting down his abuser only to discover a broken weak man.

Compassion and forgiveness revealed an untapped power Eli had never experienced before.

Today Eli is the co-founder of Mic Drop - a movement helping to amplify unheard voices.

Resources Mentioned:

●   Eli Nash Powerful Video - Secrets

Connect with Eli

 ●Bringing Stories to Life – MicDrop https://micdrop.one

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