038 Caregiving Survival Guide with the Windward Foundation's Michele Darwin

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

●      Michele's career background and how she found her passion for caregiving.

●      Michele’s and her brother’s experience in caring for their parents when they developed Alzheimer’s.

●      The difference between Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and why terminal cancer is a more merciful disease.

●      How to be a caregiver based on the type of disease and its prognosis.

●      The conversations that need to happen when discussing caregiving.

●      Setting personal boundaries when parents need help.

●      The stressful environment of being a caregiver..

Michele joins me today to share her passion for helping those with Alzheimer’s and her story on how she coped when her dad and grandmother suffered the same disease. She explains some of the reasons why caregivers are stressed out and how their company can help ease their burdens. Michele also discusses how we can help our parents without letting it take control of our lives. 

“We can care for our parents without having it destroy our lives.” - Michele Darwin


Michelle Darwin is the Executive Director at the Windward Foundation, a company that seeks to help families caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. They provide funding and support to charitable causes relating to Alzheimer’s disease as well as help caregivers remember to have a life outside of the patients’. Michele functions as Windward Foundation’s overall corporate social responsibility strategist, always on the lookout for projects and organizations they can help through funding and other philanthropic actions. .

Michele Darwin’s Words of Wisdom:

●      No one, even someone in their elder years, wants to give up their independence.

●      Caregivers spend so much time caring for their parents that they forget to live their lives.

Connect with Michele

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