063 I You Can Rock Your Business and Nurture Your Soul with (Former) Over Achiever Allison Crow

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Allison's back story and her life in real estate.

●      Why she was a recovering overachiever and her courage to change.

●      The insecurities she had and how she responded to them.

●      Why she considers the bad things in life as sacred.

●      Accepting the qualities that make you imperfect in the eyes of other people.

●      Some of the choices she made in life that has made her a better person.

●      Her reflections on what she experienced and how she learned from them.

Allison joins me today to share why she chose to live a life that does not involve any form of overachieving. She discusses the moment she wanted to change her career path. She describes her many flaws and how she dealt with them. Allison also explains how we were all taught to think life is always good and why it was a poor state of mind.


“The most liberating thing I've ever done is to untangle my judgment of others.” - Allison Crow


Allison Crow is a life and business coach, podcast host, a licensed minister, and teacher. She has a unique and often considered unconventional approach to mentoring, which involve thought-provoking conversations and soul-centered achievements. Before embarking on her journey as a life coach, Allison was a professional realtor with over a decade of experience. She also wore the hat of a real estate mentor to agents. 


Allison Crow’s Words of Wisdom:

●      Having life and soul conversations with clients can result in better sales.

●      Life is both awesome and not awesome; it's the reality and completely normal.

●      Midlife is not an age, but a time where you start thinking where to pivot.


Resources Mentioned:

●      Book: The Universal Christ

●      Book: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers


Connect with Allison Crow:

●      Official Website

●      Podcast

●      LinkedIn



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