070 I Family or Business, It Doesn’t need to be Either/Or for Women with Tina Fox

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Tina talks about the reasons she left the corporate career she enjoyed while at the top of her game.

●      What do you do when your child says “you are gone too much?”

●      Too many men and women know the drill of packing late at night so the kids won’t see.

●      The inner strength it takes to “demote herself 5 levels” to create the life she wanted.

●      How Tina “vetted” her husband to decide if they could work together to build a business.

●      Where do you get your self-esteem when you are no longer getting awards and public accolades?

●      The power of gratitude for the little things in life.

●      The power of being “present over perfect.”

I had a really hard time coming up with a title for this conversation.  There is no one point being made here.  The insight is in the story itself. Tina is that rare combination of the highly competent, high functioning person we all aspire to emulate, and an open, honest and vulnerable woman with an open heart, who shares the gritty behind the scenes.  It is exactly this honesty that had me ask her to be on the show. Success comes with a cost.  Big changes come with big choices.  Take the journey with us from Corporate Powerhouse, to Mom and Wife, to the harrowing escapades of the Entrepreneur’s life and as Tina takes us through those choices, the painful growth moments, and yes, the rewards of living full out.  I really can’t pin a title, on this conversation… it’s the story itself that is the insight.


“The airplanes and this glamourous life of always being gone and running from hotel to business, and back home was not conducive to the life of being an ever more present mother.” – Tina Fox

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Tina Fox is a champion for women in business.She is an entrepreneur and former management executive with a 24-year track record of effectiveness and identifying opportunities which trigger multimillion-dollar growth, while building divisions within Fortune 100 companies and Silicon Valley start-ups. Today, she is the co-owner of Cobalt Settlements, the founder of Fox Paradigm Consulting and the Nation Chairwoman of Women on Course. The foundation of all this success is her role as a wife and mother which she continues to navigate with grace, style, and yes… a bunch of grit.

Resources Mentioned:

●      “Present over Perfect,” Shauna Niequist


Connect with Tina Fox:

●     Cobalt Settlements

●     Women On Course

●     Tina Fox LinkedIn

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