064 I What Wolves and Spirit Can Teach Us About Being Human with Teo Alfero

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      The impact of considering ourselves separate from the natural world.

●      “Midlife Crisis”, overall, comes from our sense of separation from nature.

●      What indigenous cultures can teach us about emotional maturity?

●      In the second half of our lives we have access to energies that surpass sexuality to true everlasting, intimacy.

●      Our only hope, as a species, is to raise our consciousness.

●      Resilience is right up there with wisdom, consciousness, and emotional maturity for the ability to really hold life.

●      Later in life starts the process of us returning to the cosmos from the inside out.

●      When you mature as a being, all you have is your decisions.

I noticed, I hesitated, and stuttered more than usual in this interview with my friend, mentor, teacher, spiritual guide, and brother, Teo Alfero.  Teo and I often speak about other worldly things, the nature of reality, and living this human existence while seeing behind the veil of everyday life.  We also talk business, family, struggles with food and coaching.  And on this podcast, Teo is promoting his new book, “The Wolf Connection,”which I wanted to weave into the conversation.  So …I ask your indulgence as my head and heart vie with my mouth to share as many facets of this remarkable man with you as I can in under 30 minutes.  I promise you a soul stirring conversation.


“Indigenous cultures celebrate the aging process, while we in the west, lose our shit!” – Teo Alfero

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Born and raised in Argentina, Teo Alfero came to California in 1999. His passion for reaching out to young people in need of mentoring and guidance, combined with his unique understanding of the subtle yet powerful teachings of wolves inspired the creation of Wolf Connection, a sanctuary for wolves and wolfdogs north of Los Angeles. 

A thought leader and sought-after spiritual guide and advisor to influencers in the areas of science, technology, human potential, business, sports and entertainment, he is an experienced TedX speaker and now author of his first book, The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human, from Atria Books (June 25, 2019). 

Connect with Teo:

●      Wolf Connection

●      Teo on LinkedIn

●      Teoalfero.com

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