058 I Bill Masur Mines History to Learn How to Be a Modern Man of Character

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      Bill’s earnest (and relatable) journey to be a better father, husband, and man.

●      What is a life of “Character?”

●      Wild at Heart – Our desire to live a life of adventure.

●      Why many men die in a state of despair.

●      The destructiveness of unchanneled, and immature masculinity.

●      What reading 100-year-old books, taught him about character.

Bill is followed by thousands on Twitter because of his grounded and thoughtful discussion on “character” and what it means to be man in today’s society.  There is no shortage of men online raging at the “me too” movement, espousing meals of red meat and nails, and competing for the most grueling morning routine.  Bill comes at this tricky subject matter with the sober passion and humility of a man who truly wants to grow, contribute, and lead.  His viral Twitter thread of “uncomfortable truths,” (pinned tweet here) is a profound example of what he has learned to date.  Whether you agree with his “truths” or not, you cannot help but respect the conversation.

Join us for an honest discussion that will have you thinking long after the episode ends.

“If you don’t have an element of what you are inspiring to, a vision or a mission, part of you dies.” – Bill Masur


Bill Masur is the founder of Men of Character; a movement to help men become the best version of themselves.  Last year, he hosted an online conference helping men build character and is the author of an upcoming book called "The Book of Uncomfortable Truths." 

Bill Masur’s Words of Wisdom:

●      Most men don't share emotion. That is why men have higher suicide rates than women.

●      Knowing what life at the bottom looks like allows you to appreciate everything at the top.


Connect with Bill Masur:

●     Men of Character Conference

●      Follow Bill on Twitter

●      Order “The Book Of Uncomfortable Truths”

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