049 Randy Essex of the Detroit Free Press Discusses the Rise of Suicide in America

Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      How a responsible man’s suicide sparked Randy to notice that “this is not an uncommon story.”

●      Suicide rates in the Mountain West are even higher than national average and could not be ignored.

●      80% of Suicides are Men, 70% are White Men (more than double other demographics).

●      The statistics are growing among every demographic.

●      If you don’t measure up, some come to see suicide as an option (though mental illness, substance abuse, and gun culture account for 90% of suicides).

●      Finding value in something “other than the material.”

●      How do we focus on connection, service, and spirituality to combat the isolation?

●      How the Detroit Free Press is looking for ways to explore further, and find solutions.

When Randy Essex wrote the article, “Suicide in America the Dark Side of the American Dream is Killing White Men,” he thought he would get a huge amount of negative feedback because of race and politics (which he did) but overwhelmingly, he experienced an opening up.  People wrote him and started deep and revealing insights.  Our conversation moves from “white privilege” to mental health and substance abuse to service and connection.  This is a conversation that cannot be had enough.

“The implication is, if you don’t make it, it’s because you’re not smart enough, not savvy enough, didn’t work hard enough, you’re a failure and it’s your fault.” – Randy Essex


Randy’s career in news has been a seminar in America: He has led award-winning coverage of presidential politics in Iowa and Ohio; the auto industry and urban rebirth in Detroit; and immigration in Colorado. He has a record of leading exclusive, impact enterprise that increases digital reach. 

Resources Mentioned:

●      The Dark Side of the American Dream is Killing White Men

 ●      National Suicide Prevention Hotline 

●      Paul McGregor’s Podcast Episode On Mental Health


Connect with Randy Essex:

●      Randy Essex LinkedIn

●      More articles by Randy


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