045 You Can Innovate or Stagnate With Chris Colbert

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

●      Chris' life story and how it changed when he turned 37.

●      His experience with a psychic and other therapists, and what he learned from it.

●      His opinion on life's truths and false realities.

●      The epiphanies that changed the way he looked at life.

●      What he has now from all the work he's done for himself.

●      Loving yourself and why you don't need validation from other people.

●      A snippet of some of the exercises in his upcoming book.

Chris joins me today to describe how his life changed when he decided to learn more about himself. He shares his story before seeking help from various therapists and explains some of the significant changes in his life ever since he found his truth. Chris also discusses the importance of loving yourself and not needing validation from other people.


“The journey of life is becoming comfortable with discomfort.” - Chris Colbert

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Chris Colbert was the Managing Director at the Harvard Innovations Labs. His responsibilities included working with team members to help guide both students and alumni to pursue their interests in many forms of innovation and business. He left in 2019 to start a global innovation consulting firm called One Eighty. Chris is also an inspirational speaker, strategic advisor, and author of the soon-to-be-published book, This is it: How to Innovate the Only Life You Get

Chris Colbert’s Words of Wisdom:

●      A lot of people are fundamentally afraid of the truth.

●      Loving yourself can mean not needing to be loved by anyone else..

Connect with Chris Colbert:

●      Chris Colbert official website

●      This Is It: How to Innovate the Only Life You Getbook (Coming Soon!)

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