034 The Journey from a Fairy Tale Life, to Tragedy, and Back to Life Again with Simi Polonsky

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

●      Simi's tragic story and what made her become a speaker.

●      The spiritual wave that happened during her husband's time in the hospital.

●      Why she wanted to share her experience with others.

●      The effects of grief and what it can make you want to do.

●      What she learned about herself after experiencing the worst in life.

Simi joins me today to share the moment she felt the world turn upside down and how she was able to make things feel right again. She describes what her life was like before the big tragedy and the negative thoughts that coursed her mind after. She explains how she was able to rebound herself back into having hope, the roles her children played while she coped with grief, and shares advice on copingwith emotional pain and why you shouldn’t make decisions based on it.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Shua Polonsky and Levi Deitsch.

“Pain doesn't have to dictate the way we live and the choices we make.” - Simi Polonsky 

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Simi Polonsky is the co-founder and co-chief executive of The Frock, an e-commerce women’s fashion startup based in New York City that uniquely blends modern apparel with high-end, timeless fashion perfect for any occasion. Simi’s easy-going nature for fashionstems from the surfing culture and orthodox Jewish upbringing while living in Australia. As a mother of three and recently widowed, she often shares her personal story with grief and putting the fairytale pieces of her life back together after such a tragedy in the hope of inspiring others to recreate their health and happiness after a tragiclife event.

Resources Mentioned and Connect with Simi Polonsky:

●      How Eli Nash, Turned Childhood Trauma Into Gold

●      The Frock

●      Simi Polonsky’s MicDrop Talk

●      Instagram

●      Email: sisters@thefrocknyc.com

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