020 | Sustainable Success for the Ambitious Woman with Dr. Mandy Lehto

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

  • ● The experiences that drove Mandy to be a highly ambitious woman.

    ● The importance of gaining clarity on what it mean

    s to be successful.

    ● How being relentless about achieving an unclear vision of success impacted her health and


    ● The negative impact of overly identifying yourself based on your output or idea of success.

    ● The “mindlessness” period of reflection

    and healing that enabled her to move forward in her

    personal development journey.

    ● How she maintains being a productive member of society while living a non-linear life.

    ● Overcoming her internal belief that things needed to be hard to be worthwhile or successful.

    ● What it means to incorporate ‘more ease’ into what you are doing.

    ● The difference between ‘easy’ and ‘ease’.

    ● Identifying the triggers that compel you to default back into your old habits.

    ● The importance of following your curiosity and how it impacts your joy and ability to achieve

    sustainable success

Dr. Mandy Lehto joins me today to share her journey to achieve sustainable success as an ambitious woman. She shares the challenges she overcame in her personal and professional life and the pivotal turning point she reached to redefine her idea of success. She also explains why she now believes things don’t need to be hard in order to be considered worthwhile or successful and what it means to incorporate joy and ease into your personal and professional life.

“Success in only one part of your life no matter how profound s not success.” - Dr. Mandy Lehto

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Dr. Mandy Lehto is an Executive Coach based in London. She works with executive leaders and high performers to improve their leadership styles and executive presence to transition into senior roles and lead successful, happy teams. She has worked with several well established companies such as Oracle, HSBC, Smith & Williamson, and Gotshal & Manges.  

Resources Mentioned:

  • I Don’t Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother by Allison Pearson

Connect with Dr. Mandy Lehto:

●     Mandy Lehto website

●     Moxie Cast Podcast

●     Instagram

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