018 | How To Deal With Unexpected Change (like the loss of a job) with Dallas Burnett

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

  • His ‘Now What’ moment and how it inspired him to write MOVE!

  • The 4 pillars of moving forward after an unexpected change.

  • How clarity impacts your ability to make decisions and take action to move forward.

  • Why clarity seems so elusive for many people.

  • Identifying what you want and what you are comfortably willing to do to achieve it.

  • How the process of discovery and developing self-awareness help you gain clarity on what you truly want.

  • Common misconceptions about boundaries, what boundaries truly are, and why it’s important to set them.

  • What is a ‘living visual’ and why it’s okay for your wants and desires to change as you get older.

  • How to elevate your accountability to align with what you want to accomplish.

  • The importance of engaging your community when trying to achieve accountability.

  • Why being able to detach from the emotional elements associated with your goals and accomplishments is critical to fairly and accurately evaluate your accountability.

  • The importance of being prepared for opportunities - even if those opportunities never present themselves.

  • The difference between serving the work and serving the community.

Dallas joins me today to discuss the four key pillars to move forward after experiencing an unexpected change, such as the loss of a job. He explains why change can begin only when you’ve become clear on what you truly want and what you’re comfortably willing to do to achieve it.

He explains why clarity is often so elusive for many people, especially ‘midlifers’.

Dallas demystifies common misconceptions people have on what boundaries truly are and how the process of discovery and developing self-awareness impacts your ability to achieve clarity. He also explains what a “living visual” is and why it’s okay for your wants and desires to evolve as you reach midlife.

“Everything flows from clarity.”
— Dallas Burnett

The 4 Pillars to MOVE! Forward:

  1. Seek Clarity

  2. Develop Boundaries

  3. Elevate Accountability

  4. Intentionally Execute

Dallas Burnett is an entrepreneur, author, and coach with extensive experience in business strategy, research and development, product development, corporate training, and executive leadership. A graduate from Florida State University - College of Business, he holds an MBA in business with a special focus on business strategy. He is the author of MOVE! From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, a book designed to help readers find clarity and direction to move forward and overcome hurdles.

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