017 | Questions That Will Determine Your Future Health with Dr. Marta Illueca

Today on Mastering Midlife: 

  • How to thrive in a society that is very demanding for middle-aged people.

  • Why death rates for middle-aged people are on the rise - despite the life expectancy rates continuing to climb.

  • Why she believes people are taking more control over their deaths and less over their lives.

  • Interesting data and research regarding death rates for middle-aged Americans.

  • What is the ‘Disease Of Despair’ and how it impacts the life expectancy of middle-aged people?

  • The increased rate of suicide since 1999, as reported by the CDC.

  • The importance of taking stock in your health needs.

  • Why she believes the term “middle age” will soon shift to a younger age group.

  • What is the Health Smart Quiz and how it can help you take control of your health?

  • How loneliness impacts your life expectancy.

  • Why your spirituality is important to your life and health.

  • What’s next for Dr. Marta?

Dr. Marta joins me today to share the four key questions middle-aged people should ask themselves and how it can help them determine their future health.
She explains why the death rates for middle-aged people are on the rise, despite the life expectancy rates continuing to climb and why it’s critical for us to pay closer attention and take better control over our health. She also shares interesting research studies regarding the death rate of middle-aged people, the increased rate of suicide, and why she believes the term “middle age” will soon include a younger age group.

We need to be more proactive and less reactive
— Dr. Marta Illueca 
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4 Questions That Will Determine Your Future Health: 

  1. Do you have a healthy heart?

  2. Are you at risk for diabetes?

  3. Are you at risk for cancer?

  4. Are you happy?

Dr. Marta Illueca has over 30 years of experience in the medical healthcare industry which includes pediatric medical education and a decade of clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry. She also holds a Certificate of Advanced Study in Pain Topics from the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs at Tufts Medical School. Additionally, she is an ordained deacon at the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware and has a unique, three-prong approach to achieve her vocational goals. She is on a mission to heal, teach, and reconcile with God while expanding the role of sacramental practices throughout the healthcare industry.  

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